Device-Level, Unsupervised Memory Forensics


How equipped are you to defend against a focused cyber attack from an adversarial nation-state? How about four at once? Nation-state malware is designed to slip past firewalls, anti-virus, endpoint, and network protection. A robust security stack is a must-have, but at a certain point adding more software only generates more tickets and more alerts.

The RAPTOR Reconnaissance System. takes a different approach: We’ve leveraged AI and deep learning to automate vRAM forensic analysis, quickly (under a minute), accurately and no specific expertise needed.

RAPTOR-IT’s proprietary algorithms do the heavy lifting to surface verified APT activity, freeing up time and resources typically spent checking backlogs of false positives.

If your company is a high value target, release the RAPTOR and level the cyberwar zone


Ignoring vRAM forensics is like ignoring DNA evidence at a crime scene.

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