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Our core technology was developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the federal research and development lab that built the atomic bomb. They know a thing or two about national defense.

The mission was simple: do the impossible by democratizing volatile memory forensic analysis, a process that was too complicated, expensive, labor intensive, time consuming for most SOCs. Twelve senior cyber security researchers and a handful of PhD mathematicians spent three years developing, testing, and training the artificial intelligence, deep learning, and neural networks that power The Raptor’s processes.

Development didn’t stop until the accuracy and false positive rates out performed both human analysis and every anomaly detection product on the market.

So ditch that pile of tickets and release the RAPTOR across your networks to increase APT reconnaissance and decrease the time spent chasing down false positives.

We keep APTs out & democracy in.

— CEO, A N O V A intelligence




ANOVA Intelligence is a mission-first company powered by a team of like-minded technologists, mathematicians, military veterans, and former intelligence agency directors.

Our team members and advisory board bring national security and foreign policy expertise gleaned from serving in senior positions in the three letter agencies and assignments abroad.

Based in the Commonwealth of Virginia, with satellite offices in Washington, DC & Knoxville, Tennessee, we’re always looking for new talent.

ANOVA Intelligence is venture-backed and certified women-owned and operated. If you have a skill or expertise to bring to the war room table, click here.

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“There are two kinds of companies: Those that have been hacked & those that don’t know it yet.” -Robert Mueller

“The RAPTOR Reconnaissance System delivers the big guns and the big picture. We couldn’t counter adversarial cyber campaigns without it.”

— Everyone who has ever tested the software